Thoughts on Wine and Leadership


Our Story

Scott can tell you the precise date and time that he became inspired by wine. That moment fueled a passion that has become Leadership Uncorked. Over the years, he has hosted vertical tastings, wine education events and an annual wine cruise on the Chicago River. His love of wine, combined with expertise in leadership, have taken him around the world and led to the creation of Leadership Uncorked.


Leadership, like wine is both art and science.

The secret to success is to understand the science but practice the art. You must continuously learn, experiment and innovate.


How do you learn about wine?

Drink it and do comparison tasting. Leadership Uncorked gives you a chance to experience many different wines which will develop your palate and open you to varietals, regions and wine you never knew you liked!


Every Wine has a Story.

Rather than dismiss something that you think you don’t like, we believe in keeping an open mind and learning the story behind the wine. You may learn about a heart and soul that has been poured into a bottle for you to experience. Every wine comes from someone’s passion.

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