Exclusive Experiences

Have you noticed that great conversations often happen over a glass of wine? Something about experiencing exceptional wines together elevates conversations, builds connections, and helps people relax. We’ve created a few unique ways to experience this:

The Highlight of Your Event

– Uncork Your Event’s Potential

Are you responsible for finding new ways to make an event engaging and memorable? Make a Leadership Uncorked Wine Tasting the highlight of your event!

Drawing from the many metaphors and correlations that wine offers, we will design a wine-focused, interactive object lesson that will have attendees talking long after your event ends. From large conferences to leadership retreats, we use wine analogies to underscore your message and build connections in a way they’ll never forget.

Team Workshops

– Uncork Your Team’s Potential

Do you need a unique approach to old problems? Use the magic of wine to bring your team together and find solutions and fresh insights in an immersive, wine-focused experience. We can customize tasting events (either as a stand-alone or as a series) to help solve your most frustrating challenges!

It is scientifically proven that wine can boost creativity and problem-solving skills, and it also lowers people’s defenses, allowing them to see issues from a different perspective. We capitalize on those benefits and use our coaching, change, culture and leadership expertise to help facilitate towards a desired outcome. Best of all, you and your team will have fun doing it!

Leadership Forums

– Uncork Your Leadership Potential

The more successful you become as a leader, the more isolating it can be. What if you could gather with like-minded peers to relax and engage in substantive conversations while enjoying spectacular wines?
Leadership Forums are designed to give you time to reflect, learn and go deeper faster through wine-focused experiences with fellow leaders. Our wine tastings are enhanced by curated, insight-driven discussions on a variety of topics such as culture, innovation, growth and leadership.

  • WHO: A select group of senior leaders who appreciate elegant wines and are looking for meaningful, inspiring and engaging dialogue with people who relate to the unique challenges of leadership at the highest level.
  • WHAT: We provide outstanding wines from around the world that reach beyond the ordinary, accompanied by great food to complement and enhance. Each wine we share is carefully chosen to expand your understanding and maximize your insights by incorporating unusual regions, grapes and fermentation approaches that will challenge your palette.
    We will explain what is unique about each wine, then facilitate open conversations on a wide range of leadership topics.
  • WHERE: We select different locations for their ambiance, exquisite food and access to unusual wines.
  • WHEN: These experiences are held 3-4 times each year.
  • HOW: Get your name on our list! We’d love to connect with you and find out whether you’re a good match for this exclusive group.

The Leadership Salon

– Uncork Your Thinking

A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.

  • WHO: Growth-oriented leaders that have insightful observations about the world, and that are looking for a meaningful, inspiring, and engaging dialogue while exploring wine.
  • WHAT:  In an elegant yet relaxed ambiance, be ready to unwind yet at the same time have an effervescent exchange of thoughts.  The conversation is open to cover a wide range of leadership topics shaped by – current issues and topics in the news, a global viewpoint, culture, history, philosophy, and personal experiences.
  • HOW: Get your name on our list! We’d love to connect with you and find out whether you’re a good match for this exclusive group.

Exceptional Excursions

– Uncork Your World

Each year we invite no more than 12 senior leaders (life partners are welcome!) to join us for 2.5 incredible days at a fabulous wine destination. We’ve visited South Africa, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and just about every US wine region to explore the culture, enjoy the unique wines and share insights for strengthening your leadership and growing your business. These adventures include superb hotels, carefully selected restaurants, local tours (offering behind-the-scenes winery experiences whenever possible!) and opportunities to discuss growth, life balance, reinvention on business performance with like-minded leaders.

We curate our invitation list from people in the Leadership Uncorked community. Get your name on our list – we’d love to connect with you and find out whether you’re a good match for this exclusive group.


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