Just as the culture of an organization impacts the human performance of those within it, and the ultimate business outcomes, terroir impacts grapes and the outcome of the wine produced from those grapes. As a metaphor for understanding culture impact we took over 200 participants of the Ultimate Culture Conference through an experience of the difference terroir makes on wine when they tasted the Market Vineyards Benchmark Merlot against the Alpha Merlot. The Alpha is made from Red Mountain grapes and the Benchmark grapes were grown in the Columbia Valley.

These two wines are from the same winery, vintage and wine maker, yet there is a noticeable difference in the two wines which helps illustrate the importance of environment. The wines were polarizing as each wine was preferred by different people. Some liked the Alpha Merlot, others enjoyed the Benchmark Merlot more. After the taste experience the point was driven home that environment, whether it be terroir or culture, has an impact on outcome!

schulte-toastScott Beilke and Dan Schulte of Marketplace Vineyards toast at the Ultimate Culture Conference, Leadership Uncorked experience featuring Benchmark and Alpha wines.

PeopleTasting DanScott

Ultimate Culture Conference participants enjoying the Alpha and Benchmark Merlot from Marketplace Vineyards


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